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yummy yummy yummy & vegetarian

Below are the 14 most recent journal entries.


  2013.03.13  12.47
Been a while. Here are some photos of what I've been cooking for the last 5 years.

Left: chipotle peppers in adobo sauce with mozzarella.
Right: sundried tomatoes with mozzarella.

Tacos with grilled Morningstar Farms chik'n, black beans, avocado, and tomato.

Spicy-ish breaded gardein chick'n filets, broccoli slaw type creation with avocado, tomato, garlic, & lemon juice, & guacamole stuffed mushrooms with mozzarella.

Crispy baked parmesan tofu.

Tomato & cheese tortellini soup.

Sugar-free cake.

Ice cream cone cupcakes.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner

275 calorie pizza! Eggplant, tomato, mushroom and broccoli on a 10" whole wheat tortilla.

avocado and cream cheese sushi! with a gang of sesame seeds.

More sushi.

Stroganoff with creminis & gardein beefless tips.

Homemade black bean burger with avocado, tomato, & pesto. Seriously one of the best burgers I've ever had.

Portabella mushrooms with goat cheese, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar & a little evoo.

I love tacos. These are made with tofu.

Best sandwich ever. Sautéed onion, mushroom, & spinach with mozzarella, sauerkraut & thousand island dressing on toasted pumpernickel rye.

Tinga de pollo, but with fake pollo.


  2008.12.19  16.00

I've really been neglecting this site, I know. It's still something I'm very interested in and I still cook a lot. I've made a lot of really awesome things in the past 2 years that I wish I would have posted here. Things are gonna change soon. I don't currently have the internet at my apartment and I've also recently lost my camera. At the beginning of the year I'm going to fix all of that. I really want to start paying attention to this site again. Look for new stuff coming up in a couple of months.


  2006.11.25  00.57

I really don't update in here as often as I
would like to, I really wish I had the time.
I haven't made much lately that I haven't made
before, but I did make some insanely awesome
General Tso's Chik'n a couple of months ago.
I made a lot and put the leftovers in the
fridge that people snacked on and nobody
had any idea that it wasn't real chicken.
I think the recipe I have is one from
allrecipes.com that calls for real chicken,
but i substituted it for Morningstar
Farms Meal Starters Chik'n Strips.
If anyone wants the recipe just
let me know and i'll post it here.
Anywho, here are photos.

click for larger photo

I honestly can't even begin to describe
how good this was, it was so insane.


  2006.05.20  23.19

So I've been insanely busy these last couple of
weeks so I haven't done a whole lot of cooking.
I've had to help plan and be in a wedding and I've
been job searching as well as doing temp work.
I've found a job and will start in the next couple
of days so I should be cooking and posting more.
I have made some stuff, so I'll go ahead and post.

I had planned on making some tofu teriyaki, so I
bought this marinade stuff, froze, drained and
marinaded the tofu and then ended up leaving in
the fridge for a few days so I threw it away.
I was pretty disappointed, but next time I won't
marinade it so it'll be less complicated.
Here is the tofu in the marinade anyway.

click for larger photo

Then one day I made some excellent pasta.
It's penne with sauteed portabellas, steamed
broccoli, Morningstar Farms Meal Starters Chik'n
, and some sundried tomato alfredo sauce.

click for larger photo

For a nice dinner I added cauliflower, green
olives, swiss cheese, and some Morningstar
Farms Chik'n Nuggets to some leftover pasta.

click for larger photo

Then one day I made some tostadas that were awesome.
I used Morningstar Farms Crumbles, vegetarian refried beans,
tomatoes, green onion, salsa, sour cream, lettuce, & cheese.

click for larger photo

Then one day I tried making something similar to Taco
Bell's spicy chicken burrito making my own marinade that
I just added different stuff to and now I don't even
remember what it was, but it wasn't that great anyway.
It was edible, but not as good as I would have liked.
I used shredded Morningstar Farms Meal Starters Chik'n Strips
with the marinade, black beans, green onion, & tomato.

click for larger photo

I also brought some leftover falafel to work one day and
a guy that I was working with tasted it and loved it (he'd
never had it or heard of it before) so the next day I made
more & brought it to work for us for lunch & he really liked it.
He said that wanted me to keep working there (it was a
temp job) so that I could cook for him everyday. Hehe.

That is all. Hopefully I'll have more to post soon. ♥


  2006.04.30  00.33
Chik'n Salad Sanwich & Falafel with Cucumber Sauce

The other night, I made a chik'n salad sandwich out
of Morningstar Farms Chik'n Nuggets, relish, & mayo.
It was unbelievably good. I made another one the next
night & added dried cranberries which made it even better.
I just put 2 nuggets in my food processor
until it was in chunks and mixed in the mayo,
relish, & cranberries, then slapped it on a bun.
I really can't even begin to explain how good it was. YUM.

Then the night before last I made falafel out of
a box of mix from Sadaf, which was really good.
I'd never made falafel before so that was awesome.
I invited some friends over to try it, because
they'd never had it before and they liked it.
They said it was interesting.
I enjoy getting people to try new (vegetarian) foods,
especially when they end up liking whatever it is.
My brother actually liked it, too.
The box said that it would make 8-12 balls,
but I ended up with 25, so that was awesome.

I made some cucumber sauce using this recipe,
but I just realized that I forgot to add the mayo.
It turned out really good without it, though.

Until next time... ♥


  2006.04.27  17.20
Really Good Salad, Seasoned Red Potatoes, & Greektown Pizza

For the last couple of days, I've been making this
salad as a side dish or a snack and it's insanely good,
so last night I decided I'd take a photo to post here.
It's baby greens with shredded Morningstar Farms
Chik'n Nuggets
, dried cranberries, feta cheese,
& creamy italian (or sometimes greek vinegarette).

click for larger photos

Today, I made seasoned red potatoes without knowing
what I was doing & they actually turned out good.
I used italian seasoning, garlic powder, salt,
pepper, lime juice, and butter, but now that I think
about it, I wish that I would've used lemon pepper.
Oh well, they were pretty good without it.

click for larger photo

I also tried out a recipe that I found on vegcooking.com.
It's called Greektown Pizza and here is the recipe.
I didn't follow the actual measurements in the
recipe and I left out the peperoncini and the
olive oil, added feta cheese, I used a tortilla
instead of a pizza crust, and I forgot the
salt & pepper, but the idea is the same.
It was pretty good. Next time I'll probably add green olives.
This would be a good appetizer for a party,
because of it's quickness and cheapness to make.

before the oven.
click for larger photos

after the oven

I thought that it was funny that nothing fell
off of the pizza when I held it like this.
click for larger photos


  2006.04.26  21.44
Chik'n Stir Fry, Toasted Ravioli, & Bad Bread

Last night, one of my best friends and her fiance
came over and I cooked chik'n stir fry for them.
I used broccoli, cauliflower, rice, portabella mushrooms,
Morningstar Farms meal starters chik'n strips, & lime juice.
They said they liked it a lot and that they
were pretty impressed that it was vegetarian
(well, vegan) and it actually tasted good.
I didn't know how much to cook since the only
time I've ever cooked it was just for myself,
but I ended up not quite making enough.
I was looking for something else that I could
make for them and my friend saw some pasta
in the fridge that I made 2 nights ago.
It had alfredo that I made from scratch,
but left out the parmesan because I didn't
have any so it didn't taste quite right.
It also had spinach in it.
They actually liked it, though.
I told them to take the rest home with them, because
I didn't like it and didn't want to waste it.
I also gave them a loaf of the banana cranberry
bread that I made and they also liked it a lot.
Here's the stir fry. It's close to what I've made before.

click for a larger photo

Today, lunch time passed without me being very hungry
so I decided I'd try a recipe for toasted ravioli.
I ended up starting a grease fire that scared me.
I didn't burn the house down to my surprise.
Everything is okay now and we got it under control.
After all of that was over with, I finished
the ravioli and they turned out really good.
I LOVE toasted ravioli and have had trouble finding
them already breaded in the stores, so this rocks.
I did double the recipe and I used soy milk instead.

click for larger photos

I also tried to make some bread, but it didn't quite work out.

click for a larger photo

By the way, that's suppose to be a loaf.
Yeah, it looks pretty bad, but that's not the worst part.
I actually tasted it... YUCK.
I think I know what I did wrong.
I used a rapid rise yeast and didn't
use the rapid setting on the bread maker.
I also used all-purpose flour instead of bread flour and
sweet & low instead of sugar because I didn't have any sugar.
Maybe I should just try following the recipe. Duh.


  2006.04.25  17.33
Banana Bread and Cheesesteak Poboy

I finally went grocery shopping last night,
so now I'll actually cook something good.
Last night, I whipped out my bread maker
that I bought from a garage sale for $2.
At first, I didn't think it worked, because
it wasn't getting hot, but after leaving it on
the full time it's suppose to be on with nothing it
in, I realized that I'm an idiot & it does work.
I've yet to cook anything in it, though.
I have baked 3 loaves of banana bread in my oven.
Last night I found a recipe online and tried
making it in the bread maker, but after
assuming that it didn't work I put it in the oven.
It tasted pretty good, but it was a little chewy.
I don't remember where I got the recipe, but it had
flour, sugar, salt, butter, bananas, & baking powder.
It didn't need baking soda or yeast, which I didn't have.
Like I said, it tasted good, but it was chewy.

click for a larger photo

Then before lunch today, I made another 2
loaves of banana bread, this time using
bakind soda and dried cranberries as well.
It was one batter, but I wasn't sure how
much it would rise, so I divided it into two.
It didn't rise a whole lot, but I'm glad I made 2
loaves, because I'm going to be giving one away.
Next time, I'll just make one loaf using
that recipe, which is this one and I just
added a handfull of dried cranberries.
I should also note that the only baking that
I've ever done in my life has been from a box.
This was the first time I'd ever made anything from scratch.
It really surprised me that it tasted good. Haha.

click for larger photos

For lunch, I made a cheesesteak poboy.
I used Morningstar Farms meal starters steak strips.
I sauteed some green bell pepper and onion, added
the "steak", put it all on a toasted poboy bun, added
cheese, spicy mustard and some tomato (after the photo).
It was definetly one of the best sandwiches I've ever had.

click for larger photos

Tonight, I'm making dinner for a myself and a friend,
who is a meat eater, so expect another entry soon.


  2006.04.23  21.08

Last night, I went to a mexican restaurant here
called La Carreta and got one of the only 2 really
good meals that they serve, the vegetarian fajitas.
I've gotten them twice before, the first time
they were perfect, the second time they only gave
me 2 mushrooms, but they did bring me more.
This time, I just got the order to go.
I asked them to bring me an extra side of this
mexican butter (which I believe to be melted
butter with red pepper flakes in it, it's amazing)
so they did and I stuck it in the bag and left.
When I opened up to check it out, I realized that the
extra butter that I got ended up being he only butter
that they gave me, there were about 2/3 to 1/2 the
amount of veggies that I had gotten both times
before, and they only gave me 1/2 the amount of rice.
They also left out the pico & sour cream that come with it.
I was angry about it, but it still tasted really good.
It usually makes at least two meals, sometimes
three, but this time I only got one meal out of it.
Anywho, it comes with cauliflower, broccoli, whole
mushrooms, & grilled onions (they are suppose to come with
zucchini, squash, & baby carrots, but i don't like them).
It comes with a tomato wedge & a lemon wedge, also.
I squeeze the lemon over it & it makes it insanely good.
They give you (if you're lucky) rice, tortillas,
charro beans (that I don't eat because of the bacon
in them) and a setup of sour cream, pico, & guacamole.
It's so insanely good & the first time I ordered them, I didn't
think I'd like it, but I'm really glad I got it anyway.

click for larger photos

I also made a pizza a couple of days ago that was good.
I just took a frozen cheese pizza, put tomatoes, italian
seasoning, & some paprika on it, baked it and then
after I took the photo I added some Louisian hot sauce.
Yes, it was a thrown together meal and I promised that I
wouldn't post those, but it looked pretty & I couldn't resist.

click for a larger photo


  2006.04.20  16.13
Rice, Beans, & Broccoli

So, I still don't have a lot of food options at the moment,
so I just made something out of what I had in the kitchen.
I boiled rice, steamed broccoli, heated black beans,
minced & browned some garlic, chopped up some green onion,
and mixed it all together with some balsamic vinegar.
It was kinda like a stir-fry, but it was lacking mushrooms.
I wish that I would have had some portabellas, but it was good.
I promise that I won't post another thrown together,
whatever I have in the kitchen meal and that I'll
soon get to making things other than rice and beans.

click for larger photos


  2006.04.14  16.20
Bean, Rice & Cheese Quesadillas

A couple of days ago, I opened a can of Progresso
Chunky Tomato Soup, but I didn't really like it.
I didn't want to waste it, so I put it in the fridge.
Last night, I remember that when I worked at Pepper Jacks
(a burrito place) to make spanish rice, we just put
dried rice in some tomato paste & water and baked it.
I figured it would work the same with the soup, so i
put 2 cups of dried rice, the soup, and a little bit
of water into a casserole dish, turned the oven on
about 325 degrees and put it in with tinfoil over it.
I didn't time it, so I'm not sure how long it was in
there, but I kept checking it until it looked right.
It turned out pretty good, except for need salt.
The night before that I cooked some black beans.
We have a few bags of dried beans and I've never
cooked them because they take too long, but I
decided I would then, just to be doing something.
So I had black beans & spanish rice so i decided
to make a quesadilla since i had cheese & tortillas.
Quesadillas are pretty simple to make and lots of
people know how, so I won't go into detail about that.
I topped it off with Taco Bell hot sauce & it was goooood.

click for larger photos

I know that quesadillas aren't anything
unusual or fancy, but I haven't had money to buy
groceries lately, so that's what I made.
Hopefully next week I'll make something awesome.


  2006.04.13  16.52
Fake Steak Stir Fry

Sorry that I've taken so long to update.
I'm not sure who I'm saying sorry to since
I think I'm the only one who reads this.
Anywho, a couple of weeks ago I made
stir fry with black beans & asparagus.
It was insanely good.
I put rice on to boil & started steaming some
broccoli while i sauteed portabella mushrooms &
garlic in white vinegar (i love them that way).
once it was all cooked, i threw it in the skillet
together and heated it all up for a few minutes.
I also added some Morningstar Farms "Steak"
strips & leftover spiral pasta (for good
measure) and mixed in some balsamic vinegar.
For the sides, I heated up cans of black beans & asparagus.
I'd only had asparagus out of the can one other
time and it wasn't warm so I thought that heating
it up would make it taste better, but it didn't.
I want to make roasted fresh asparagus with some kind of sauce.
The stir fry was excellent, though.
I'm thinking about making it tonight, actually.

click for a larger photo


  2006.03.18  18.08
Chick'n, Steak, & Spinach Taquitos

I wish I would have started this about a week ago, so
you guys could see my stir fry & spinach macaroni bake.
Last night, I made taquitos, though.
I used Morningstar Farms meal startersCollapse ).
I blended the chik'n in the food processor with cheese, the steak
with cheese & green onions, and then some spinach that i
seasoned with butter, salt & pepper) with some mozzarella (or jack).
I spooned the mixtures into tortillas, rolled them up, then secured
them with toothpicks and baked them at 400 degrees for 18 minutes.
You can dip them in salsa or sour cream.
My brother even ate some of the chicken ones
and he usually doesn't like my fake meat foods.

By the time I thought to take photos,
only 2 spinach taquitos were left.

click for a larger photo


  2006.03.18  17.14


I've only been cooking for a couple of years now.
I became vegetarian June 8th, 2003 and
needed new things to eat, so I got into cooking.
I only cook a couple of times a week,
but I decided to get more into it.
Today, I went out and bought some stuff to help me out.

Recipe holder with index cards.Collapse )

And storage bowls with lids and a rack for it all.Collapse )

I'm pretty excited about it all, maybe more so than I should be. hehe.

Anywho, maybe some of you vegetarians will enjoy this.
If anything, I'll have something to look back on all of the stuff I've made.