yummyvegetarian (yummyvegetarian) wrote,

Fake Steak Stir Fry

Sorry that I've taken so long to update.
I'm not sure who I'm saying sorry to since
I think I'm the only one who reads this.
Anywho, a couple of weeks ago I made
stir fry with black beans & asparagus.
It was insanely good.
I put rice on to boil & started steaming some
broccoli while i sauteed portabella mushrooms &
garlic in white vinegar (i love them that way).
once it was all cooked, i threw it in the skillet
together and heated it all up for a few minutes.
I also added some Morningstar Farms "Steak"
strips & leftover spiral pasta (for good
measure) and mixed in some balsamic vinegar.
For the sides, I heated up cans of black beans & asparagus.
I'd only had asparagus out of the can one other
time and it wasn't warm so I thought that heating
it up would make it taste better, but it didn't.
I want to make roasted fresh asparagus with some kind of sauce.
The stir fry was excellent, though.
I'm thinking about making it tonight, actually.

click for a larger photo
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